Heat Pumps

Heat Pump Repairs & Service in the Brandon & Tampa Bay Area

Heat pump systems look just like Air Conditioning systems except they have more controls. Heat Pumps allow the Freon to reverse by way of a reversing valve. As the Freon runs through the outdoor coil it is colder than the outdoor air, so the coils absorb heat from the air then it is compressed through the compressor and sent into the evaporator coil. By time the Freon reaches the evaporator coil, the temperature is extremely hot. As the cooler indoor air passes over the hot evaporator coil, the air is warmed up and sent through the duct system to warm your home.

Winter Operation Tips

Heat pump outdoor unit will frost up during the heat cycle. Within the controls is a defrost board. As the coils frost over, the fan can stop running.

During the defrost, customers will hear a revving sound along with a swishing noise, and the condenser fan will stop running. After a few minutes customers may hear the strange noise again, but as the fan comes back on STEAM often comes out of the system. THIS IS COMMON.

When the sensor or defrost board goes bad, the system will not defrost and will FREEZE over. This is not normal, and can cause serious damage the system. If you feel that your system is not defrosting, call for service right away. Replacing a defrost control is much less than replacing a compressor.